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Together, we can ENDUI.

ENDUI is an initiative in partnership with members of the Governor’s Impaired Driving Prevention Advisory Council created by Governor Fallin in 2013. Its mission is combatting motor vehicle crashes involving impaired drivers. The program uses prevention, enforcement, adjudication and media efforts to reduce impaired driving-related crashes in Oklahoma.

ENDUI supports innovative prevention efforts, targeted communications and a sustained evaluation to realize its vision of ending impaired driving. As a result of these strategies, overall traffic fatalities in Oklahoma have been declining over the past 5 years. However, alcohol and drug-impaired fatalities continue to represent a significant portion of traffic fatalities across the state.

When it comes to our friends, neighbors and loved ones, even one life lost is too many. But together, we can stop the torment felt by families left behind. Together, we can make our roadways safer. Together, we can ENDUI.

Drinking and Driving

In 2018, Oklahoma’s revised liquor laws went into full effect. Now, stronger alcoholic beverages can be sold in more locations across the state than ever before. Access to alcohol has increased, but the stakes remain the same. The only safe bet is to never drink and drive.


Drug-Impaired Driving

With the rise in U.S. prescription drug use and the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, concerned citizens are raising important questions. ENDUI can help answer these questions and teach people about the many dangers of drugged driving. Learn how different drugs affect your driving abilities and endanger everyone on the road — including you.



Oklahoma is committed to its zero-tolerance policy when it comes to driving under the influence. ENDUI helps uphold this policy with specially trained enforcement teams that use the latest data-driven enforcement tactics to keep all Oklahomans safe.