High Vis Enforcement

The public is always watching. So we don’t bother hiding.

ENDUI knows that citizens pay attention to how state agencies enforce the law. That’s why we strategically publicize each of our impaired driving prevention tactics. Whether it be a sobriety checkpoint or saturation patrol, ENDUI informs drivers of our operations before they are ever conducted.

Why? Because knowing about these patrols in advance generally deters drivers from driving impaired in the first place.

ENDUI Enforcement Teams

ENDUI enforcement teams coordinate regional, multi-jurisdiction events including sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols. Multi-agency efforts are essential to impact Oklahoma’s impaired driving problem. The locations of enforcement events are driven by crash data and local law enforcement requests. These joint enforcement efforts support the national highway safety goal of reducing motor vehicle collisions.


Enforcement teams have access to ENDUI vans. Each van is a mobile command unit equipped with all the tools for conducting a checkpoint, including an Intoxilyzer 8000, portable breath-testing devices, passive alcohol sensors, safety vests for officers, checkpoint signage and mobile kiosks for verifying licenses and registrations.