Plan Ahead

Every DUI is preventable. You just have to plan ahead.

Preventing lethal crashes begins with preparation. If you know that alcohol will be served at an event, it’s your responsibility to make a plan. Will you drink at all? And how will you get home safely? Planning may cost a little time and convenience. But drinking and driving costs lives.

Whether it’s at a public venue, backyard cookout or social gathering at a friend’s place, you should always plan your transportation before attending an event that involves alcohol. The only sure way to prevent injury and death is to have a smart plan in place – and to NEVER drink and drive.

Decisions Before Drinking

There are plenty of practical ways to have fun and stay safe. One simple, impactful strategy is to host more events at home. Home-based events make it easier for friends to monitor and hold each other accountable. A nice bonus is that home-hosted events are typically cheaper than going out.


If you plan on attending a home-based event involving alcohol, ask the host if you can stay overnight. If the host doesn’t have accommodations, keep a cab company’s phone number or ride-sharing app on your phone. If you and someone else at the event live near each other, consider splitting the fee for a ride.