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Drinking and Driving

You drink. You drive. You cross a line.

In recent years, fatal crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers have been steadily declining. But Oklahoma still faces numerous alcohol-related crashes each year.

Fortunately, since ENDUI began its prevention efforts in 2014, Oklahoma has made tremendous progress in drinking and driving-related outcomes.

After 168 fatal crashes involving alcohol in 2013, Oklahoma was faced with a difficult challenge. But through the collective efforts of partners, Oklahoma witnessed a nearly 10% drop in alcohol-related fatalities just one year later.


Four years after this milestone, Oklahoma achieved another landmark victory. In 2018, zero Oklahomans lost their lives to an alcohol-impaired driver during one of the most notoriously dangerous holidays of the year: New Year’s Eve. Although each of these milestones are worth celebrating, there is still so much more we can accomplish.