DUI Checkpoints

Every stretch of road is within our reach.

Although our mission is to prevent impaired driving, some drivers ignore our warnings. ENDUI teams are prepared for swift and decisive action.

Law enforcement is trained on evidence-based strategies for detecting and apprehending impaired drivers.

Saturation Patrols

Using a data-driven approach, we target high-crash areas with saturation patrols. Officers vigilantly patrol these high-risk areas to locate and arrest impaired drivers. Saturation patrols may be conducted at any time or place, with or without prior warning.


Sobriety Checkpoints

Sobriety checkpoints are an effective law enforcement tool that local, county and state law enforcement agencies coordinate statewide. This strategy involves stopping a sequence of vehicles at a fixed location to detect impaired drivers. These operations have been determined to be constitutional and protect the public by arresting impaired drivers. Advanced notice of these events is an important piece of the strategy. This tactic may seem futile for a group devoted to stopping impaired driving, but the forewarning generally deters citizens who gain knowledge of the operation before it happens.